Thursday, May 04, 2006


While sitting at my post, watching two ladies copy document after document after document, one of the hard working gals turned around and asked:

LADY 1: You into TV or film or anything like that?

ME: Yeah, I'm an actor.

LADY 1: For real?

ME: Yeah.

LADY 1: So you been on the TV and things like that?

ME: Not yet, but I will be.

LADY 1: (turning to LADY 2) Oooooooh, I told you he looked like he should be on TV. Didn't we say that?

LADY 2: Mmmmmmmm hmmmm.

LADY 1: As soon as you walked out of here yesterday, I said "He looks like he should be on the TV."

ME: Well, you keep an eye out for me. It's going to happen real soon.

LADY 1: And your name is Gabe right? Gabe what?

ME: (trying real hard not to sound like I was already in a movie) Silva. S. I. L. V. A.

LADY 1: Oh, I'ma look out for that.

LADY 2: Mmmmmm hmmmm.

All I can say is...damned straight.

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Hackett said...

Two fun-loving, hopefully overweight sistas... One can ask for no better accolades. You've made it, my son.