Friday, May 12, 2006

Family Business

Inspired by Amanda's blog find, Permanent Monday, a study of Garfield comics from which Garfield's thought bubbles have been removed, I've collected a small sample of Bill Keane's Family Circus and removed the dialogue. What we get is a strange and disturbing look into a dysfunctional and somewhat violent family. I give you a sample:

It leaves a lot to the imagination.


Amanda said...

To be fair, I did not *find* Permanent Monday so much as get tipped off to its existence -- it's curated by a friend (Chris Stangl) of a friend (Dan Brooks). But I do really love it. And I also love these, especially the top two.

Amanda said...

Oh, also the one where the Garfield dialogue is removed was Cristin's find, not mine. Chris's blog leaves the strip intact and provides a textual analysis.