Monday, May 01, 2006

Ann Arbor: If I were an eighteen year old drunk, I'd be home by now

After escorting the materials for this cockamamie project to Detroit this morning, I was told that the copy company would not be able to start until tomorrow. This means, I'm here for awhile, folks. The end is most certainly not in sight.

So, with an entire day now free, I traveled to college town Ann Arbor to see how they roll. Well, it's very nice. Very, very nice. And clean. And full of college students.

I went to Ashley's, a bar & grill recommended to me by former University of Michigan undergrad Jason. Ashley's sports 70 beers on tap, with an additional twenty or so on a rotating schedule.

This would have been a heaven a few months ago, but now, the mere idea of alcohol causes a sharp pain in my stomach, a grinding knot that renders me nauseated and blue. Still, I enjoyed a very good "Badger Burger," a greasy delight sporting Wisconsin cheddar and two glistening strips of bacon.

Having grown tired of the weird, sheltered feel of the town, I left Ann Arbor only to realize that the radio is against me. Ever since I started this trip, terrestial FM stations are determined to play every poignant, heart-rending song back to back to back. Not some songs. Every song. It all culminated in Rockette's "Must Have Been Love," which prompted me to listen only to the hardest of hardcore rap for the rest of the trip. There's only so much a guy can be reminded of his transgressions before he rips the radio unit out of the dashboard and tosses it into Lake Michigan.


Michele said...

Why is it always Roxette that stalks people after a breakup? It's been killing me.

Mike said...

I see something in the bun of that burger... I want to say it's Jesus, but I want to say a lot of things.

Nicole said...

It looks like a pirate to me. Damn that Roxette! Just remember they were the same peeps that gave us "She's Got the Look"

And I go la la la la la .....

Gabe said...

isn't Rockette a bunch of swedes? those fucking fuckers and their blonde dispair