Monday, October 29, 2007

That's not shocking

I called it after the All Star break: the Yanks offered a five year extension to A-Rod and he told them to go fuck themselves. And they deserve it.

This, after winning the Aaron Award AND having been voted most "clutch" player. The press in New York should all jump in the East River.


D.W. said...

I don't know, man. It looks like the Yankees might be the good guys in this one. A-Rod said several times during the past 2 seasons that he loved being a Yankee and wanted to stay a Yankee. Then he opts out without even meeting with the team first. The Yankees were willing to offer him up to a five year, $30 million extension, reportedly, and he just bails on them. Seems pretty selfish to me.

I think blame falls in 4 places: 1. A-Rod who is a selfish prick. 2. Scott Boras who is ruining baseball by being the world's biggest dick. (as opposed to Barry Bonds who is ruining baseball by having the world's smallest dick) 3. New York media for obvious reasons. and 4. Yankee fans who never were satisfied with A-Rod no matter how well he played and made him feel completely unwelcome.

Present company excepted, Yankee fans may be the worst fans in all of baseball. Yeah, they're passionate and they come out, but I can't think of any group of fans who are as hostile to their own players as Yankee fans. And fair weather to boot. I know Red Sox fans are miserable pricks, but at least they love their guys. And again, present company is, of course, excepted.

JCN said...

When the chips were down, A-Rod should have blinked. Past seven years notwithstanding, the Yanks are his best chance to get a ring. Unless the fans and the media were driving him absolutely insane, in which case: meh, good riddance.