Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I was watching an episode of House when I heard this rendition of Cristina Aguilera's "Beautiful" coming from Hugh Laurie's iPod headphones and I thought "that's Costello. That's Costello's voice doing that cover." I searched and searched and searched and I never found a copy. At long last, Fox released the soundtrack and thankfully, the cover is on it. My obsession grows by the minute:

**UPDATE** I added some other songs from the soundtrack.


Anonymous said...

Hugh Laurie listening to Elvis Costello on House?? That's kind of a crossover of all of your man-crushes, huh? I'm a bit surprised your head didn't explode...

D.W. said...

Dude, your obsession with Cristina Aguilera is getting out of hand.

Amanda said...

Oh my God. I am at work so I can't listen to the EC Christina cover right now, but: my mind? Just like Mike Solomon at a frat party, it is BLOWN.

The song will be mine. See if I don't play it on the radio this Wednesday. Just see if I fucking don't.