Friday, October 05, 2007

Money balls

Hey Joe Torre! BUNT!!! BUUUUUUNNNNTT!!!!

Runners on first and second, nobody out, down two runs in the top of the fifth inning. BUNT! BUUUUUNNNTTTTT!!!! I don't care that Jeter is .500 lifetime against Sabathia. Swinging away in that situation makes no sense. None. And don't give me that Money Ball Billy Bean bullshit, either. Bunting is a waste of an at bat? Oh yeah, is it? Could someone tell the entire National League that? Great.

Don't get me wrong, I love dramatic home runs and clutch doubles late in the game. But, I don't love counting on that sort of fantastical output every time the Yanks take the field. And believe me, I UNDERSTAND that everyone's bored to tears by small ball. Bunting is boring. Well, when Posada strikes out on a high fastball after seeing five of them in the same at bat, you kind of wouldn't mind seeing someone lay one down now and again instead of this highlight reel nonsense that everybody seems to want (in every sport, not just baseball).

Does bunting bore you? Guess what, you don't like baseball, shithead! Pick another meaningless distraction to help you get through your miserable life. This distraction's mine.

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D.W. said...

That's what you get when you're a fan of a Junior League team.