Friday, August 31, 2007

Overheard at an audition

The callback I attended yesterday afternoon was two hours behind. This wouldn't have been a problem had the casting directors not scheduled a different session immediately following ours. Not only was a different spot scheduled to go in, it was a spot for some retirement fund product. So, tens upon tens of elderly gentlemen began to stagger, wobbly and confused, into a space the size of a closet. And, these septuagenarians all knew each other. And, they had poor hearing. Which lead to conversations like:

OLD BLACK MAN 1: I just came back from the Frederick Douglas tour of Europe!!!


OLD BLACK MAN 1: You can go on the tour too!!! Just go to national slavery dot com!!!

OLD BLACK MAN 2: National what?

OLD BLACK MAN 1: (screaming at the top of his lungs to a now silenced room) SLAVERY DOT COM!!!!!

The elderly black gentleman also went on to say, very loudly, that "while I was in Europe, everybody told me to go to Krakau!!! Krakau is the new Paris!!!"

Now, I have not been to Krakau ever, and I'm sure it has a vibrant tourism trade now, but I'm pretty sure I never thought Krakau would be equated to Paris. Paris is the City of Light. Krakau is the City of Gas? Maybe? No? Too soon?

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