Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Feel the burn

I found a pretty awesome route/mileage calculator in WalkJogRun.net. As I train for the Tucson Marathon, this will be an invaluable tool. So will beer. Lots and lots of beer. It's like liquid cereal!*

*9 out of 10 doctors maintain that beer is not "like" liquid cereal. The 10th doctor, however, is Doctor Detroit, and is awesome.


Gabe said...

"So will beer." I am an English genius. I stink and should be shot.

Anonymous said...

you're doing the TUCSON MARATHON now??? that's it. if there's not going to be gchat, we're going to have to talk on the phone.

Kath said...

NICE. Arizona kicks ass. Hope it won't be too hot for ya. Hahaha. That's one of those expressions I've always hated. "Hot enough for ya?" Fuck you, swampass. I'll cut you!