Thursday, August 23, 2007

Baby, shake that ass

Either hot or batshit insane:


Matthew said...

When I returned from the Netherlands, having discovered this video while there, I showed it to my girlfriend, and explained that this dance number had kept me buoyed during our summer apart. She broke up with me shortly thereafter. I guess I shouldn't have told her it was playing on the t.v. while I fucked my first sexworker of the trip.

Kath said...

you seem to have lost some of your vitriol. for example: "sites that don't make me gag" used to be "sites that don't make me fucking sick." bring back the ire, silva. or perhaps in lieu of the ire, the ira lopez would suffice. i always liked ira.

JCN said...

I get away with a lot of shite at work, but I figured pretty quick this one might be p-p-pushing it real good.