Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Taking a page from Amanda's Blog

Forgive these first few posts for being so introspective, but, goddamnit, I've reached an understanding with myself that is unprecedented in my entire family much less in my own mind. I noticed that Amanda occasionally uses her blog to construct a list of goals. Part of this is most definitely for her but there's something about the public declaration of it that makes it solid. Here's the plan:

1. Go to Michigan and have a good time. I'm being sent to Michigan against my will at what I thought was the wrong time. After deep consideration, it's the perfect time. I may have a weekend with nothing to do, so I've decided to drive to Chicago and see a Cubs game, followed, the next day, with a riverboat architectural tour of Chicago's skyline (though, it is supposed to rain all weekend in Chicago. A detail I would've missed if I had never met a certain girl. never seemed so bittersweet).

2. Upon returning to New York, immediately meeting with my commercial agent to pin down the legit agents worth going after and setting up a plan of attack. Mine, as I've written before, is a little on the crazy "look at me, look at me" side. Her's will probably be more conventional. I'm hoping beyond hopes that my agent has an in somewhere, because she normally has an in everywhere else.

3. Massive mail attack. Hit the agents. Hit the postings I find on my new account.

4. While waiting for an agent to work with me, keep hitting the Backstage postings. I turn SAG in May (insert joke here) so it raises a question, if I book something before I'm officially in SAG, do I have to report it? Do my employers? Anybody know?

5. Write my one man show ONE MAN (working title. Jordan and I also enjoy CASE IN POINT: YOUR PARENTS CAN FUCK YOU UP). It'll be a blend of family stories and quantum physics. Think Michael Frayn's Copenhagen, a parallel between atomic theory and relationships, and tales of one entire family hell-bent on destroying itself. Told by one man. Me.

6. Select and begin rehearsal on a play for the summer with Aaron Bergeron. Aaron is someone I've written about before. I was envious of him. I was scared of him. Now I'm looking him in the eyes and we're going to work together. And it's going to be amazing. The frontrunner for a play, so far, is Philadelphia Story. Anybody who knows Aaron knows he'd be perfect for the Jimmy Stewart role. Me? I'm Cary Grant, bitches. Truer words have never been spoken.

Holy shit, Amanda, that really works. It's so helpful to look at everything written out like that.

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Amanda said...

Aw! How flattering, and thank you very much. I'm glad my readership gets *something* out of those lists, which often are just a more blatant commentary on what we all know, i.e. that One's Blog is nothing more than a delightful procrastination tool.

I said tool.

So, for you: 1. Go to library 2. Freak out 3. Apply sunscreen 4. Pick up dog shit 5. Drink a gallon of coffee 6. Do not fall asleep in class 7. Pass out in elevator on way home.