Friday, April 28, 2006

Michigan Pt. 1

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Items that didn't make the cut:

* Some Michigan retard, it seems, went to Coney Island one day and brought back Coney Island hot dogs. "Coneys," as they're known in these parts, are hot dogs with chili, or "Coney Sauce," not so much spread on them, but smothered to within an inch of its life.

* Hotel Porn Titles:
1. First Timers
2. Raw Sex Trio
3. Xtra Filthy Sex
4. Sex at Work
5. Adultery (? - ed.)
6. Screwin' Young Things (! - ed.)
7. Sex with My Sister's Friends (I shit you not - ed.)
8. Sexual Overload (Fittingly, last on the list - ed.)


Paul said...

So is every other blog posting going to have that creepy picture of you?

Gabe said...

yes. only, you know, with different hats.