Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I need input, y'all

Having ignored my career for eight years, assuming, wrongly, that an Oscar would be sent to me via mail if I waited long enough, I am almost completely sans knowledge when it comes to talent agencies. My commercial agent wants to work it out with me after I come back from Michigan, so, in the mean time, I humbly ask for any input my friends might have.

I've heard good things about:

Harden Curtis (from what I'm gathering, this is my top choice)

I've just plain heard about:


I'm in the dark about:

The rest

What I'm looking for (and aren't we all) is a smaller place that has a good "teacher/student ratio" (if you will).

Also, here's my opening paragraph for the cover letter (all criticism welcome):

"Dear sirs (absolutely no women may read this),

I am a stage and screen actor currently enjoying success in commercial work in New York. As a newly minted member of SAG, I'd like to broaden my career into film and theater. Also, if you can find me roles, rest assured, I'll act the shit out of them. Ya heard?

Take on me,
Gabe Silva"

All joking aside, I'm seriously considering using the "acting the shit out of them" line. I want to be noticed. I want them to read the letter and be taken aback. I want them to think that there's something wrong with me and I'm just the man they need.

Eight years and this is the first time I'm doing this. What'll be most surprising, in the end, is how easy it all was for me.


Mike said... is available. I'm just sayin...

Hackett said...

Seriously consider keepping the "Take on me" as well. That shit's gold. Though i can't, at this time, offer you any foothold in the world of thespianizing, i promise you this - once you make it, I'll expect you to get me a foothold. Or else I'll sell shit about you to Page 6, variety,, and the like.

Foxy said...

You should probably email me. I would email you, but that seems like effort.