Wednesday, September 03, 2008

In ol' Tucksin

The trip to Tucson, Arizona to see the fam was awesome. We packed a lot of stuff into six days. There was an eight mile hike through Sabino Canyon that nearly killed us...with NATURAL BEAUTY:

Also, if you try to make a bicycle out of spaghetti, a cartoon line will jettison you into a gulch:

But the strangest part of the trip was the University of Arizona football game we attended. Not only was there a one hour rain delay (which happens in Arizona about as often as the Yankees win these days), but the drunken, angry students decided to fire full water bottles and other items at the police officers on the field. Things got so unruly that David Hasselhoff had to step in. Yeah, that's right. The Hoff was in attendance.

It's a bad picture of Knight Rider, but he was indeed on hand to calm the embittered masses with small, autographed pictures of himself that he just happened to have. According to those in the know, the Hoff was there because his daughter is a frosh at U of A. Although I didn't see it, reports were that Hoff's daughter was visibly annoyed with the attention being showered on her father, who finished his night by standing atop one of the stairwells and yelling "WOOOOOO!" to the hundreds of screaming drunken fratboys.

It was pretty sweet.

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