Thursday, September 25, 2008

He's the Dennis Miller of the streets

Walking from the gym to work, I saw a speeding line of police cars barrel down the street accompanied by an ambulance and what appeared to be a sawed-off limo. Because we've been in UN lock-down all week, I assumed it had something to do with carting some head-of-state to the East Side. After they'd all gone by, I continued walking and passed a fellow who I had seen excitedly whip out his cellphone after the motorcade passed. I overheard:

"Hey! Hey, guess who I just saw! (small pause) Dinner jacket!!!"

Everyone's in on the act.


Hackett said...

Wow, I'm late to the show on that one, i guess.

Ira said...

Your blog post the other day was the first time I read or heard that (Dinner Jacket). Then, less than 12 hours later, Doyle used it in a facebook debate we've got going. I feel so out of touch with popular culture sometimes.

Gabe said...

I know! This shit comes in waves. It's like you'll be thinking "Whatever happened to that band Smashmouth?" Next week: everybody's talking about Smashmouth.

Ok, that'll never happen, but you get my meaning.

d.w. said...

Wow. How many people read this blog?