Thursday, March 18, 2010

Those negroes are stealing my health care!


I don't have a pot to piss in, but I would give more tax money to insure every American has a chance at health care. And the very fact that I even have to write the word "chance" is indicative of a glaring omission from the bill that's on the table, and that omission is the public option. That option will never be considered, at least in our lifetimes, so the current bill is the one we're stuck with.

It was, if memory serves, a Republican who said, correctly, that the essential difference in this debate about health care is whether you consider health coverage a right or a privilege. Well, I believe it's a right. And, if I take a quick glance around at Britain, Canada, France, Japan, and most of the industrialized world, I don't think I'm too far off of what most populations think. In that guarantee of the physical well-being of every citizen, we find a communal agreement that used to be an integral part of American society (special bonus quiz: resurrect your great grandfather and ask him about health care. And, when he wiped the cobwebs from his barren eye sockets and shouted "Health WHAT?," feel free to shoot him in the head with a musket because all zombies should be killed).

This is more of a race issue than most will admit. The argument goes "I don't want to have to pay for health care for THEM." Ok. That's a fair point. But who fights your wars? You see a lot of trust fund kids swarming to the front line? Be realistic.

We are a first world nation with a third world mentality about health care. In theory, it should be better here. It isn't.


Anonymous said...

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Hackett said...

You're huge in China, apparently.

Anonymous said...

i hear what you say friend, but i recently had a convo about this healthcare bill with a romanian guy i work with. and he said "in romania we have free health care & and i still left it to come to this country."

this made me laugh obviously. but it reminded me that we can't compare our health care systems to other countries so freely because we're nothing like other countries. just wanted to say that cause i think it reminds us that this issue isn't an easy one to deal with.

jason said...

So I was having this conversation about 2 months back regarding whether or not universal access to health care is a human right. I actually found myself saying, not, I don't believe it is a human right. Now what I do believe is that it is the responsibility of every civilized nation to provide universal health care, but it's not a human right per se. I think of it as one of the items that comes in the bargain that all governments come out of. In exchange for individuals surrendering some natural rights, the commonwealth agrees to provide a protection of the whole. The 19th-mid 20th century common defense was in the form of an army to defend against external threats. Now I see the threat that of disease and the common good being universal access to health care.

Gabe said...

I was just watching George Carlin's last special and he had a great point about our not having any rights at all. We have a list of temporary privileges that can be revoked whenever the government sees fit. So, I agree in the sense that no government can really bestow rights on anybody, really, but it should be obligatory for the governing body to keep the people healthy.