Friday, May 07, 2010

Squeezing out a blog on the road

I'm pretty certain I am doing myself a disservice by not using my Droid to blog while travelling. Well, I have cast aside the clunky barbarism of desktop publishing and have joined the ranks of the most painfully annoying cocksuckers ever to embrace technology: the smartphone bloggers. Now I can keep everyone posted on what songs I'm listening to, what hilariously misguided notions I have, and what colors and textures I'm finding in my feces. I'm told scatological humor is big right now.

Speaking of smartphones and their signaling the rapid decline of Western civilization, I observed a gentleman at the office I'm currently slaving for scrolling through email on his Blackberry during the first few minutes of a lecture on fire safety that was being delivered by some poor dope who was unlucky enough to be slapped with the thankless role of "safety warden" of our building. I want nothing more than to see his comb-over melt off of his dumb face as the flames remind him that he doesn't know where the fire exits are. Rules are rules, after all. And now you die, you self-important dildo.

All that negativity aside, I am curious to see how successful this mobile blogging goes. I'll...keep you posted! LITERALLY! LOL OMG STFU


Anonymous said...

I wish you were funnier.

Gabe said...

Me too.