Monday, October 13, 2008

I put the twit in Twitter

Silvasurfer @ BossOfYou I'm told I have to go about an hour ago from

Silvasurfer @ BossOfYou Again, my sincerest apologies for any damage I may have caused in last night's incident. My only hope is about an hour ago from

Silvasurfer I'M BCK MOFOS!!!! YOU cnt FRIE me I FIRE uuuuuuuu 5:26 AM from

Silvasurfer @ BossOfYou oh you aksed fr it Phil 3:52 AM from

Silvasurfer that day is done 2:47 AM from

Silvasurfer give a shit 1:33 AM from

Silvasurfer i c 1:33 AM from

Silvasurfer happened?,. 1:32 AM from

Silvasurfer what happened? I mean, what 1:32 AM from

Silvasurfer LOLLLLL!!!! HAHHA!!! 9:45 PM from

Silvasurfer LOL! WASSUP, INTERWEBZ?! 9:05 PM from

Silvasurfer looking for answers at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. 7:43 PM from

Silvasurfer doesn't need this place. 5:33 PM from mobile device

Silvasurfer @ BossOfYou I apologize for any undue sense of familiarity and will have my desk cleared post haste. 5:15 PM from

Silvasurfer @ BossOfYou Phil, what is UP with this, man? I thought we was Coo De La? 5:13 PM from

Silvasurfer thinks he might've lost his job. WTF? 5:12 PM from

Silvasurfer just got a rather curious email! :( 4:56 PM from

Silvasurfer is PSYCHED for the weekend!!! 3:23 PM from

Silvasurfer is that cat's pajamas, LOL! 9:56 AM from


mugwatch said...

That makes complete sense.

jason said...

@Silvasurfer u can't be fired, ur 2 legit 2 quit!

You managed to sum up the entirety of twitter and your own wretched day in one post. Bravo!

Gabe said...

Now only if I could sum up the will to get a job that doesn't cater to a selfish old man...