Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Look, I love jokes. I make jokes every second of every day because I'm incapable of dealing seriously with my life. But the Sarah Palin shit has to stop. Political satire is a tried and true American right and tradition, but making fun of Sarah Palin is counterproductive. She is a dangerously incompetent leader of a practically secessionist state. Making ironic dolls of her isn't helping. Because most of America don't get irony, folks. I'd love to go to every Williamsburg Halloween party and smack each Sarah Palin-costumed dummy in the face, partly because of how trite they're being but mostly because WE DON'T NEED THIS RIGHT NOW. Contributing to the campaign cuteness of a right-wing nutjob is only fueling a fire that is already ablaze with lies about Obama being a Muslim and a terrorist. Sarah Palin needs to be seen as less of a joke and more of a threat.

Also, McCain has the ol' Popeye chin. Don't make a doll of that. Please.


Anonymous said...

President Sarah Palin. Our Greatest Fear.

If elected, John McCain has an unacceptably high chance of NOT completing his term. This would leave President Sarah Palin as the leader of the most powerful country in the world. Check out her own views, in her own words - you will find not a reformer or a maverick but an opportunist, a vengeful power-hungry politician, an uninformed extremist, and a religious fanatic who believes that Armageddon will occur in her lifetime.... and who would have the power to actually make that happen!

These are extremely dangerous and critical times for us at home and abroad, times that call for a president we can trust, who can lead with a calm, steady hand.

President Sarah Palin is indeed OUR GREATEST FEAR.


d.w. said...

Thanks, anonymous.

That's exactly the kind of hard-hitting, robotic political insight this blog has been missing.

Three cheers for anonymous!

Anonymous said...

pop-lock or robotic. dance anyway you like.
one more cheer to make it an even four.