Monday, April 30, 2007

...the hell...?

Imbued Within's masterblogger Matt forwarded me this link to Grapples, a fruity Frankenstein's monster of apples and grapes brought to us by the wonders of science. These delightful mutations "Look like an apple. Taste like a grape." What other ungodly olios does modern technology have in store for us?

1. Waterfelon: a robust, juicy sex offender. Filled with seeds.

2. Brezeer: from the German "brezel," this is a hodgepodge of pretzels and beer. It's already ready already! And shaped like a breast! To eat! To drink! To dreat!

3. Chanties: chocolate panties. Exciting? Sure.

4. Corn on the Bob: the freshest sweet corn poured over my Uncle Bob.

5. Zoudini: magic and produce.



M said...

Pukumber: A cucumber used by the bolemic to tickle the gag reflex in aid of tossing their own salads which may be sitting a little too heavy on their shriveled, gastric acid scorched stomachs.

Anonymous said...

Collieflour: Your favorite canine, breaded!!!

D.W. said...

So I don't have some super clever idea for a new fruit mishmash, but I'm super pumped to try fizzy fruit!

Oh and I've eaten a grapple. Damn good.

Hackett said...

OxyMormons: Followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who pretend like no one is home when a Band booster or tree service soliciter knocks on their door.

mugwatch said...

HAHAHAHA, Corn on the Bob!
phew . . . funny

M said...

Coccoli: A crossing with contemporay Broccoli and it's ancient cousin the Holerabi--known for the exclamation, "I can't believe you fit that whole holerabi up your ass!"--and reverse engineered by broccoli farmers to break into the impulse/edible dildo market, heretofore dominated by Zucchini. Stiff green stalk, soft fluffy naps! Now, endcapping in Chelsea greengrocers. Come on down!