Wednesday, August 13, 2008

That figures

It turns out that my instinctual desire to get out of this dump where I work is a little more intuitive than I would've liked. There's a big secret in the office and I was the last to find out. Seems ol' bossman is retiring at the end of the year and has actually gone to great lengths to cover this fact up. In fact, I was shown a corporate email from the beginning of the year explaining how hush hush this whole operation needed to be so that everyone in the office didn't jump ship before they were able to get everything under their control. Really quite disturbing.

And I know this job doesn't mean anything. But I still feel betrayed. I would have gone on in miserable ignorance until the day they told everybody to pack up and leave. And BELIEVE me, there's no severance package involved. It'd be a mass expulsion from the company's HR asshole. BLOOSH. Gone. So long, sucker.

The problem is that despite my complaining, I'm a loyal person and I take offense that bossman would do this. I'm not shocked, that's just the way he does things. He always has. It just lacks respect.

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Anonymous said...

well what do you know where you's in sparta!