Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ecko Effect

New video blog on Fanhouse: HERE
Hollah atcho boi.


mugwatch said...

well done, boi.

D.W. said...

"Famous orb?" Gabe. Orb is not a word.

Actually I think what's happening with this ball is perfect. I think the way it happened is stupid, but I love that this ball will have a giant reminder on it for all to see.

I feel like it has to be in Cooperstown. It's a part of baseball history. It's a record-breaking ball whether it was gotten honestly or not. The fact that it now has an asterisk on it is a constant reminder that Bonds was a cheating asshole. Seems cool to me.

Oh, and good job with the video.

Gabe said...

I agree, DW. I guess my initial reaction was "fundamental baseball" in its origins. I mean, if both Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson are banned from Cooperstown, my feeling is so should Bonds. What's frustrating is that we all know he's crooked yet we can't prove anything outright. However, I am a proponent of keeping history honest. We have to remember the good with the bad. I just wish Cooperstown was more consistent with their decisions.

D.W. said...

I agree with you. I don't think Bonds should be in the Hall. And he's not. Not yet, anyway. And he may never be. He won't be eligible for at least 5 more years. Chances are he won't get voted in just like Mark McGwire won't get in. But the ball should be there because it's monumental. I think that, even though Pete Rose is banned from the Hall, the ball he hit to break the all-time hits record is in there.

Ira said...

That ball absolutely belongs in Cooperstown. Fuck Mark Echo, but the ball belongs there. Barry Bonds' home-run record is still amazing. So what if he took steroids. It makes little difference because at least half the pitchers he's faced were also taking steroids. Therefore the field has been evened out somewhat cause they're all doping. Baseball needs to ban all that shit and be consistent or shut its fucking trap.

Kath said...

i would like to say how much i appreciate your anger. and your diction ain't too shabby neither. you are the antithesis of that crap i made you and mug watch a couple days ago.