Tuesday, March 27, 2007

That's him. That's the one that got me.

As promised, I humbly offer a continuation of the Munich photo jamboree. When last we left Jordan and Stupid, a certain pie-eyed dildo took in the sight of the majestic Zugspitze with a fair amount of desensitized wonderment.

On to beer. Munich has lots, and it's great. Although Jordan looks displeased in this next picture, he's actually ecstatic, as many dreams had come true for him in the form of a liter of absolutely delicious beer. Or three. After we had several, we decided that maybe there just was a god after all.

Dummy had one too (one equals three hundred in "German"):

After ending pretty much every night with what we were calling "big beers," we would walk around historic parts of Munich paying little to no attention to any of it. Except:

The Rathaus (it's the Town Hall, but it's more fun to call it the Rat House. Or Palace of the Fallen Jew)

The sight of the 1972 Olympic games, which, according to this picture, Jordan built, apparently:

Das Schloss (for Matt):

I drunkenly wrote my name on this car. I was later tried for war crimes against all humanity:

Also, (and I mean the English "also" and not the German "also" which I think means "thus" or "go fuck yourself, college boy," which has led to phrases such as "Also, and get me a beer.") it will come as no surprise that I am a schmuck:

However much fun we had at the expense of Germany and their 72 letter words, it may have been one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, with exception of Ireland and a whore's "office," (which can be ANYWHERE!).

OK. Here's one of the two of us loaded (jerks)...


Gabe said...

All pictures were taken by Jordan. Even the ones he's in.

DaveyJones said...

These pictures look like you and Jordan were locked in a pretty intense smug competition.

Who won?

Gabe said...

Jordan won initially, but then, of course, I was smug about losing, so I pulled ahead. So it went back and forth ad inifinitum.

KATH said...

Jordan is exuding a hotness heretofore unforeseen. I've had two glasses of chianti.

Hackett said...

when Bozzo and I were in Munchen, we stopped by the Rathaus Platz and saw what can only be described as a Rotweiler Bonanza. I think it was a showcase by the police K9 unit, but as i recall one of the exhibits could have been entitled "Look how these dogs aren't attacking these defenseless children sitting directly in front of them...weraing meat vests". Sure, it was impressive, but why push your luck?
By the way, was the Das Schloss beirgarten on the grounds of Schloss Nimphenburg? Cause we went there also. Bozzo and i have, together, done everything you could ever imagine doing. Yes, we even lead a group of troubled innercity youth to a swimming championship. The story rights were sold last year, the movie should be coming out soon. We're great!