Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I come three time champwoon

I received an email from west coast friend and former roommate Matt Stubbs suggesting perhaps The Iron Sheik might want to run for office. Why, that's not a bad idea, I thought, as I finished snorting blow off of a hooker's asscheeks. Then, I considered Matt's idea. I support The Sheik in 2008. Some of his issues:

- that jabroni Brian Blair
- making sure people are lucky for to Hacksaw come save you
- fighting the moral degradation brought on by Michael Jordan
- make that: Michael Jackson
- education

I'm all for it. And if North Korea has the audacity to attack the U.S. with nuclear weapons, President T.I. Sheik will put the missiles in the Camel Clutch, break their backs, make them humble, for God, and Jesus, and Mr. McMahon.


Hackett said...

Plus, he's overly qualified for the presidency by having previously and often attained the title "Champooin of the World".

Plahsure to be here.

Sheik For President (west coast branch) said...

Clinton's Michale Jordan loving morals must be challenged. Bush's weak foreign policy must be stopped. Support the canidate both sides of the insurgancy would be terrified of. Lets give those terrorists a taste of terror, He will put terror in the Camel Clutch. Vote Iron Sheik in 2008