Monday, February 09, 2009

No no no...not Toby KEITH

I just finished, at long last, Toby Young's memoir entitled "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People," and I have to admit I enjoyed it. The book is larded with seemingly impossible tales of ignorance and audacity, many at the expense of celebrities, which makes me grateful and happy. As a bonus, somewhere between the obligatory personal accounts there lies a really wonderful and accurate criticism of America, specifically New York and it's obsession with status, fame, and wealth.

Kind of makes me want to move to London.


Anonymous said...

Toby?...Toby?...Toby Wong? Toby Wong? Toby Wong is fucking Charlie Chang.

Anonymous said...

please just enjoy brooklyn for a while... Old Italian women will grab your junk and give you advice about bread and heaven. Oh and where the he'll did you move? Depending, substitute Italian with Korean , Spanish, hipster or Irish

David said...

Where do you live now? I'll be back for a week on the 24th till the 2nd. Thinking about another night at the Pacific Standard. Let me know when you're free. I miss you.