Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Your moment of zen

At today's audition, I was treated to an epic, Socratic dialogue between two actor degenerates involving "what's funny." I wanted to beat them both to death with the plastic chair I was sitting on.

To top it all off, one of them pulled out what I thought was the motherboard off of Deep Blue, but it turned out to be a cartoonishly big cellphone from which he had to remove a blast shield before using. Just at the peak of my fury, I was delighted to hear the following:

ASSHOLE: Hey, Debra? Yeah, it's Pete Assenfeffer. Listen, I'm a little tied up here at this callback, so I was wondering if I could swing by to your audition a little later. And you're located on 27th right? You know I'm bad with directions. (Jerk-style laugh followed by awkward silence) What? Oh...this is Pete. Assenfeffer. Pete, right.

That's right, baby. No one knows who you are. And that, my friend, is what's funny.


Mike said...

Actually, I think hitting him with the plastic chair would have been funnier.

John said...

Classic Assenfeffer.

Anonymous said...

That's when you say: 27th? Oooh, I was just over there. Nothing but blacks.

See what Assenfeffer say to that! I'm sure it'd be comic genius!