Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oddly fitting...

You are Alison Parker, alcoholic tragedy case in heels. It's not that you're dramatic, right? It's that your life is. Work, love, the apartment ... you can't keep it all together. Know that while you can't control everything, you are responsible for own life.

Which Melrose Place Character Are You?

Thanks, Anju.


DaveyJones said...

I don't know who the fuck this guy is, but it actually seems pretty accurate. Especially if you replace "sex" with "masturbation."

You are Dr. Michael Mancini, wisecracking commitment-phobe. You are entertaining, driven by your mania for sex and your desire to be Chief of Staff. A little ambition is a good thing, but the truth is, if you worked hard and kept it in your pants, you could be successful.

AJ said...

Wow. Allison Parker? Wow.