Friday, June 23, 2006


The Washington Post ran this picture of Ms. Spears and then continued with a pretty catty article about her appearance. In regards to her breasts, hard-hitting, and I'm sure infallible, reporter Robin Givhan writes:

"Pregnancy cleavage can be a beautiful development, but serving up one's bosom like melons at a picnic is aggressively self-indulgent, enormously distracting and, unless you're auditioning for a spread in Penthouse, unnecessarily vulgar."

Is it? You know what's vulgar to me? The fact that there's a Pulitzer Prize for Criticism and Robin Givhan won it for 2006. Don't get me wrong, I don't like defending celebrities at all. Part of their job is existing perpetually in the public eye. But demonizing their appearance under some ridiculous air of moral superiority is absurd, especially when it maintains the Puritanical superstition in this backwards country that the female body is to be cocooned in a fucking burlap sack. Pregnant or not, the female figure is certainly nothing to be ashamed or afraid of, regardless of what it's clothed in. And pretending that fashion reporting carries any sociological weight, enough to warrant a coveted Pulitzer, is more dangerous to me than the influence of the trailer park lifestyle Britney Spears unconsciously champions.

The funny thing is that I started this post wanting to tear Spears apart. I kind of feel sorry for her. And Robin Givhan is from Detroit, a city which, from recent personal experience, can be considered the worst fucking city in the entire fifty state union. How's that for hard-hitting criticism, Suzy Pulitzer?


DaveyJones said...

There should be a Pulitzer Prize for Criticism of News Paper Journalists By a Blogger. And I'd give it to you. Then, you can criticize your own blog entry in a casual conversation at dinner and get another Pulitzer Prize for that. Then, you can get yet another Pulitzer for Self Reference. Then I'd get a Pulitzer for Extending a Dumb Joke Way Too Far.

Anonymous said...

Givhan lives in DEEtroit? Well, I'd say that you should feel more sorry for her! No wonder she's so damn bitter.

Brenda said...

Yeah, that picture horrifies me - not just the weight gain, but the skirt that you know is too short to protect that innocent, reusable hotel chair from her cooch; the caked on make-up (and smile) - which she apparently did herself and doesn't match her body. But what really horrifies me is that she looks like a 40-year-old version of herself, and that self is trying REALLY REALLY hard to look happy. Oops, I'm afraid Britney is never going to do it again. Her pop idol days are way over. It's sad for her.

Greg said...

Isn't K-Fed enough for poor Brittany?